Chatbots & Smart Assistants

Conversational UI at your Service

We help you to interact with your audience in a supportive way. With services like ChatBots and Smart Assistants we minimize your time spent on administration and instead let you focus on your core business.

Benefits of a Chatbot

  • Support your customers with quick responses leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Offload your staff from recurring customer support and administration
  • Collect input for a more efficient customer journey and improved service
  • Increase conversion rate from web channels through a smart dialog


There are basically no limitations to what a chatbot can do. With a properly defined use-case and well prepared domain knowledge a chatbot can improve the user journey for your visitors. And increase conversion rates in digital channels where standard pop-up forms fails.

Basic Chatbot – FAQ, quiz, customer support etc.

Respond automatically to your customers most common questions. Whether it may be related to forgotten passwords, product delivery times or store opening times. If the chatbot do not hold the answer to a specific question, it can be sent to you via email or into a ticketing system of choice. So that no question remain unanswered.

Integrated Chatbot – Self-service, bookings, my pages etc.

Extend your service offering and let end-users perform self-service or book appointments by integrating your chatbot with your other digital services, CRM systems or other system(s). An integrated chatbot can query and interact with your existing systems and present the output to the end-user. Making the customer journey a breeze as the user do not have to enter three different systems, but only one.

Enterprise Chatbot – NLP, multi-language etc.

If your organization wish to push boundaries for what a modern style customer experience (CX) could look like, a chatbot implementing NLP (Natural Language Processing) is the logical choice. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology we can implement and integrate a chatbot which can serve the end-users in unprecedented ways. Let the intelligent enterprise chatbot take care of your customers’ orders through a human-style conversation. Or, as the capabilities of understanding your customers grows, you can even let the chatbot become the main interface of your service offering. We help your business to get there while still keeping the human touch at core.

What can a chatbot do for you?

We’d love to hear about your ideas for a chatbot, or if you are just curious to know more. Maybe you have questions on what can be done, how integrations are to be made or even queries on pricing. Either way, get in touch and we will respond promptly.