Does your website have a climate impact?

TL;DR Yes, it does. But please, do read on.

Does your website have a climate impact?

We often think of websites and services as completely digital creatures. But did you know that websites also have a physical part in the server environment and the internet infrastructure that is used. And through that comes a very real impact on the climate in the form of energy consumption and emissions.

Did you for example know that Internet (as a whole) consume more energy than some entire countries do? This is partly because many data centers around the world still run on fossil fuel. Notably, moving towards renewable energy is highlighted by experts as one significant action for minimizing the Co2 emissions.

So what can we do?

At Lagonda Web Agency we are well aware of this negative impact the Internet has, and we strive to reduce our own and our customers’ climate impact. An example of this is that we have decided to run our own and our customers´ websites on server environments that are using renewable energy. Also, we strive to make our websites consume as little server resources as possible when they are visited and interacted with.

Here it gets a bit technical, but in essence the clients (your web browser) should make less calls to the server and data sent over Internet should be kept to a minimum level. It can be done by grouping server calls together and by minimizing the payload data. Images is usually what takes up the most bandwith when visiting a website. And ensuring the image file sizes are kept small will make the website load faster and more environmental friendly. A synergy resides in the fact that when making a website consume less resources (bandwidth, server capacity etc.) it improves both the website performance and the user experience and at the same time it reduces the climate impact.

Does your website have a climate impact?

To sum up; Does your website have a climate impact? Yes it does. And to be completely honest with you, these our actions will not save the climate from the current crisis. More actions are needed. But they are hopefully small steps in the right direction. Every little helps…

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