We are happy to see that what we do are requested by more and more customers, partners and friends. To keep up with demand we now say hello to our new colleague who joined us earlier this year; Albin Lindeborg.

With a wide background in the web industry, in Sweden and abroad, Albin is strengthening the Lagonda team in both technical and social areas. We are happy to have you onboard and we give you our warmest welcome!

”It´s good to be here!” – Albin Lindeborg

Hey! Are you too a web developer?

And do you sign up on our Efficiency by Heart”manifesto”? After the summer we aim to expand further. Lagonda is growing and we’re hiring! Right now we are looking for a fullstack developer well versed in NodeJS and PHP based stacks. You will be working with a wide variety of website- and system development. So you need to be comfortable in netering new areas and in working with the standard web toolsets of git, webpack, gulp, composer, and docker.

Knowledge and experience from video on web (e.g. WebRTC) and chatbot development is very much meriting. And of course, you need to be a happy character in general. =)

What about Part time-employment? Yes, we believe you also have many other things on your mind, whether it may be kite-surfing, camera-nerding or spending time with family. So we prefer it that way actually. Get in touch!