Self Service Systems

Support Your Audience

Latest generation of self service systems says good bye to unnecessary administration. With a proper self service system you can exchange physical papers for online forms and thereby shorten response times in your work process. You can save money while at the same time increasing your customer base and presence online.

Today’s web citizens are acustomed to a high level of accessibility and convenience for whatever service they may need. Service providers will have to step up to meet these demands and expectations.

We are happy to hear about your specific needs and we can provide suggestions and solutions for how you can conquer the market in the digital era. Find below a few use-case where self service systems can shine.

Self Service – Support, Order Management, Forms

Today, support management, booking management and other data and form intensive use cases can easily be digitalized. Your customers expect to manage and follow their order, support or whatever at any hour of day, and from wherever they may be at the moment. Hence, your system needs to provide proper capabilities for modern style Self Service.

We have off the shelf solutions for managing your support and orders. Or we can provide tailormade solutions based on your specific needs.

Self Service – Video Meeting

Extend your service offering by integrating a video meeting solution in your self service system. This is especially helpful in use-cases where customers need to consult a subject matter expert in a face to face environment. Most common applications for this type of service are the online doctors and other health care operations in the field of e-health.

Same technologies can also be applied to most types of businesses providing expertise in a certain area. And needless to say, that is what most successful businesses do. So here’s an opportunity to get ahead of the game.

We work with various platform providers where video meeting can easily be integrated together with your Self Service solutions.

Did you know? Since recently, we can also help you manage and run your own Webinar. Use them for internal or external purposes, as you see fit.

Self Service – Conversational UI

Chatbots and Smart assistants, commonly referred to as the field of Conversational User Interfaces, is the latest addition to our Self Service offering. Extend your self service solution with a Chatbot to improve the response times to your customers for common questions and support matters.